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Saif Ullah Usmani

Hey, I am a part-time freelance programmer and a business student.

[Beginning, 2016]

I started my journey in the tech industry wondering about how to make games. I was 13 years old when I found out about programming and a game engine called Unity. I learned programming and game development through YouTube. Making games is a vast field and requires a wide range of skill sets. So I got the chance to learn Graphic Designing, Sound Design, 3D model development, VFX, Film Making, Story Writing, Video Editing, Audio Editing and so much more.

I was learning and also making tutorial videos on what I was learning. You can visit my YouTube channel here. 

[Switching field, 2019]

Then after around 3 years in the Game Development industry, my interest started to shift towards web development. I learned Html and CSS, and then I started to learn Python Programming Language. 

Python changed my whole perspective. Seeing the vast range of opportunities I had with Python, I really felt the power of programming for the first time. I experimented with web browser automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Simulations, and eventually, I got to web frameworks. I am stuck with web programming ever since.

[Getting into freelancing, 2019 – Sep]

I learned Django Python Framework and started freelancing. I started by offering simple web development tasks and Graphic Designing services.


I earned 0 dollars in 2019 and then with my super hard work and efforts I managed to earn 44 Dollars in the next 12 months on 2020

[Diving into the Freelance world with logic – 2021]

Well, 44 dollars is something to be proud of in the beginning however it doesn’t look too good for a long time. So I had to figure out a way to first beat this number in 2021 and then keep increasing it till the end of 2021.

I was super dedicated but it was still part-time. However, turns out that being hardworking is not the only requirement. Doing hard work doesn’t yield results, doing hard work in the right direction does.

[Learning communication skills – 2021 – Jan to forever]

So I spend most of 2021 learning about sales and communication. TBH, this was the best decision of my life. I spend 9 months learning sales and general communication specifically for writing convincing proposals for clients to hire me. I learned everything from YouTube. Mainly from Dan Lok and Hisham Sarwar on YouTube.

[Ready to compete in the freelance world!]

Now I was ready, I had learned how to convince people to give me orders and don’t run away if they accidentally crashed into my inbox! I had already sent 300+ proposals and only earned 44 dollars so a lesson to learn is to never give up and keep trying. If you haven’t sent a single proposal or only a few or even dozens and you are complaining then you are not ready yet! You haven’t failed enough to complain. Never complain! Just keep doing it. No matter if it is wrong, you will find the right way from the wrong path too. So keep going. If you have landed on this site then you have already found the right path, my friend. Have a look at my blog posts, I have shared my years of knowledge there!

[What happened next?]

My hard work in the right direction worked! I learned how to convince people to give me the work and I got plenty of work! 

[Earnings after learning communication – Sep 21 to Dec 21]

I managed to earn 935 Dollars in just 4 months! 

Wow, what a raise! 44 Dollars and my target were to just beat 44 dollars once again because before communication skills it was all luck. But after communication skills, it became a choice to work or not!

My account was super new that’s why I got low-priced orders and I did somewhat 13 orders to get 935 dollars. 

[More work less pay – 2022]

I got to admit, I had been the best example of a procrastinator in 2022. I never procrastinated this much in my entire life. I was a workaholic ever since I could remember but in 2022 I just don’t want to work. I have got uni which is so much energy-consuming activity that I can’t keep up with the flow plus I got back pain due to over-sitting.

[How did I solve both problems – Time & Health]

[Time Problem] In order to solve the Time problem I followed the advice of Dan Lok on YouTube and doubled my price. And I kept doubling it till I was charging 500-700 Dollars per project. I plan to double it too in 2023.

[Health Problem] I had gotten back pain. I had to bed rest and this hurt me emotionally and mentally even more than the physical pain. Thoughts like what if I could never walk again kept bothering me. Although it wasn’t the case however I had chronic pain. And this thought broke me that I had been working 8-12 hours daily on just a computer since I 2016 and all it gave me is pain so bad that I can’t walk right now! I never did freelancing for money because money was not my objective, it was learning as I never got into tech with the expectations of making millions or a career out of it. I love computers and stuff but this was something I just wasn’t willing to trade my time for.

[Getting into health and fitness journey]

I set objectives for myself. I want to lose weight, I want to do 100 push-ups and I want to be strong and flexible. I followed apps and tutorials and did extreme exercises that even caused pain. I got pain I changed the exercise. Adopted a simpler variation of it or replaced it with an alternative but I didn’t stop. I did home workouts BTW.

I couldn’t do a push-up. I started by doing push-ups on the wall. Eventually lowering the placement until I got to the floor. I had to do knee-push-ups because I still couldn’t do a push-up. But I kept going with what I could. 

Don’t be perfect, do it with bad form. But do it. You will get better. Now I can do 40 in a row and I challenged myself to do 100 push-ups a day for 5 days. And I did it!

[2019: Freelancing

2021: Sales/General Communication

2022: Body language and Human Psychology]

I got into understanding Body language and Human Psychology in 2022. I raised prices so I had less work and more time. I did 5-6 projects and I earned double the earnings in 2021.

I improved my body language and became more confident by opening up to people and learning the body language and psychology of people so I can connect better with every individual I meet and I make a positive impact on them.

[Journey never stops]

I love the quote:

Make sure to enjoy the journey before the destination. Love the process and everything gives you happiness. Don’t wait for the destination to bring satisfaction, it’s too short and temporary. Find peace in the process!

So I would love to see what 2023 has in it for me and I would love to thank 2022 for letting me see new challenges both emotional and physical so I can see myself grow and become a better version of myself.

Thank you and love you for reading this far! Hope you have a fantastic day and make sure to contact me via the contact page if you have anything to share or ask!

About this blog:

Through this blog, I want to share the knowledge that I have gathered over the years.

I want this blog to act as a guide and source to look at for help 

My vision is to make a community of like-minded people. People who are eager to learn and grow. 

If you want to become a better version of yourself and understand the online money-making system then following this blog and its newsletter will be the right choice.

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